Have a Great Class.


Good teaching matters.

The evidence is clear: effective instruction makes a difference. College students learn more, develop important life skills, and are motivated to complete their degrees.

ACUE (the Association of College and University Educators) is dedicated to helping every college educator have a great class. Our Course in Effective Teaching Practices prepares faculty to use the essential techniques that improve student outcomes. Faculty who take ACUE’s Course and earn a Certificate in Effective College Instruction:

  • Analyze high-quality videos of effective classroom practice
  • Hear from experts on research-based techniques
  • Review common challenges and misconceptions
  • Complete surveys to analyze one’s practice
  • Demonstrate knowledge of effective instruction
  • Discern effective from developing practice
  • Participate in facilitated group discussions
  • Put new techniques into practice
  • Reflect on their practice as well as Facilitator feedback
  • Set goals for continuous improvement

Faculty with an ACUE Certificate are better prepared to help students succeed.

“This is an idea whose time has more than come. We needed this yesterday.”
Dr. David Steiner, Executive Director, Johns Hopkins Institute for Education Policy